Survey Report by Vocal Communities

March 2020

March 2020 was when we started to see the COVID-19 pandemic being taken seriously in British government. The beginning of the month was when we noticed increasing anxiety among a number of our fellow colleagues, friends and families as the uncertainty of the future of our everyday lives and livelihoods weighed heavy on our minds. It wasn’t until late March that the lockdown began, perhaps a little too late and to the demise of so many people’s loved ones. Little did we know that the UK would go on to have one of the world’s highest death rates.

We wanted to document and gauge people’s feelings in these “early stages” of the pandemic in the UK, so we decided to create and send out a survey called ‘Impact of COVID-19 on life so far’ which received 51 responses in the 7 days we ran this small campaign from the 17th of March to the 22nd – coincidently the day before the country officially went into lockdown.

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